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This report is in English to train the author’s language skills for his exam on Thursday. Please excuse mistakes and enjoy the report.

Last Friday the team from Wasserburg was visitor in Babensham. The personnel of the team changed dramatically. Markus und Maxi found the successful way to the first team of Wasserburg. In lieu thereof, Johannes (Dr. Noppe, Noppi, Noppinger) and Dicht (Daniel, Dicht, dichter, am dichtesten) came from the first team and the third team, to support the dream team. Moreover, the positions changed a bit. 1.Samson 2.Helge 3.Carsten 4. Johannes 5.Björn 6.Dicht

The doubles were fight in the old combinations. Samson and Helge started against Raab and Schumann from Babensham. The double from Wasserburg had no problems with the competitor and won with 3:0. On the other table Carsten and Björn showed nerves, but saved the match in the fifth set. Then the newcomers dealt with their opponents. After three sets, they abandoned the field with 0:3.

Next, old material fought against old material. Helge against Kühnel. Old friends with similar awful play. They played slowly and in addition, they needed all five sets. At the end, Kühnel could raise the fists for his heroically victory. Samson had some problems with his competitor in the first set. Later on, he played like a miracle and won with 3:1. Johannes showed his mental stability in the first and the second set, which he secured with 12:10 for Wasserburg. In the last set, Johannes swept his opponent from the table and won the match with 3:0. In the next encounter, Carsten showed a bit of lordliness against his young competitor named Liegl and lost the second set. Nonetheless, Carsten caught the point for the team from Wasserburg. Due to that, the actual score was 5:2 for Wasserburg. The next match was Dicht against the young Semmler. Our newcomer presented a good performance in the first set, but later on, Semmler won the next three. In contrast, Björn played amazing and destroyed Böcker with 3:0.

Because of the three lost matches, Samson, Helge and Carsten had to play again. Samson and Helge presented a solid performance and both won with 3:0 against Kühnel and Raab. Carsten needed one more set against Schumann. However, at the end Wasserburg achieved the total victory against Babensham with the score 9:3.

At the pub “Wimmer-Wirt”, the team had big problems to rebuild a highly depressed Dicht. With beer and sausages, it was possible to raise his mood a bit.


Samson Kröff